Classic Car Insurance Comparison

Compare Classic Car Insurance
UK drivers comparing top classic car insurance providers and policies can earn substantial savings and obtain high quality reliable cover for their specialised motor vehicles. Classic cars are a major investment, and it is important to protect them with insurance protection you can count on. And given the money most owners have tied up in their cars, it is crucial to look for affordable cover from well-known carriers.

Choosing a Car Insurance Provider

For the majority of classic vehicle policyholders, the primary factor determining which insurer they will choose is the annual policy premium. For most antique and classic car owners, it is necessary to carry comprehensive policies, which are significantly more expensive than simple third party cover. Your car is a financial investment, one that will likely increase in value over time, making its protection all the more essential.

• It may be tempting to settle for third party cover or for a policy including third party, fire and theft, but in most cases comprehensive is preferable simply because of the significant average value of classic vehicles.
• Owners are cautioned to focus their search for insurance on specialists with considerable experience insuring classics and antiques. 
• The difficulty in arriving at an agreeable replacement value is one reason among many for this need; specialised classic vehicle insurers have specific provisions in place to deal with these cases and work with their clients to set maximum replacement limits for comprehensive policies.

Coming up with the ideal coverage scenario may seem difficult; but by exploring the online market for classic car insurance, prospective policyholders can compare leading providers in this segment of the industry and select a carrier that best meets their needs. 

Top Classic Vehicle Insurers

Search among the best-known insurers and find a classic car insurance company that will protect your vehicle at an affordable rate. Owners of classics are encouraged to investigate pricing for additional protection as well, to enhance the value of their cover and maximize protection. Upgrades such as breakdown cover, new for old, and windscreen replacement provide significant additional protection, often at a minimal cost to the insured. Take the time to examine your best options and find top-rate protection for your classic car.